Instructions for folding LapKidz

Hold the LapKidz seat in front of you.

Fold the right arm away from you tucked behind the seat back.

Fold the left arm in front of the seat back.

Fold the seat bottom up against the folded left arm.
Flip the crotch belt over top of the seat.
The hanging waist belts in the photo will be used to close the seat on the other side.

Turn the seat around and thread the waist belt buckle through the crotch belt.

You can use any of the outer clips to connect to your bag or stuff in a diaper bag or carry-on.


        How to use LapKidz on a  commercial flight

WHEN YOU ARRIVE at your seat for the flight... 
Buckle your seat belt and place the LapKidz seat in your lap first.
Then buckle your child into LapKidz using the waist and crotch belt and velcro shoulder harness.
WHILE ON THE GROUND don't clip/attach the seat to your seat belt just yet.*
As the plane prepares for the TAKE OFF ROLL...
Disconnect the lower and upper portions of the two safety clips on the back of the LapKidz seat.
While the aircraft rolls down the runway hold your baby tightly as you normally would.  
When the PLANE LIFTS OFF on take off... With one arm around your baby, take the lower portion (female) of either safety clip and thread it under your seat belt.  Then connect the upper portion (male) of the safety clip to the lower portion.  Now repeat with the other rear safety clip.  Always have two clips connected.  YOUR CHILD IS SECURED FOR THE FLIGHT.  

DURING THE FLIGHT you can re-position your child by unbuckling one safety clip and sliding the seat along your seat belt.  Never disconnect your seat belt at any time.
ON LANDING APPROACH prior to the aircraft's wheels touching down detach the LapKidz seat from the seat belt.   Wrap both arms around your baby until touchdown and deceleration.

Flight Attendants have been very supportive of LapKidz users.  The seat is permitted on ALL U.S. airlines without exception if you follow the above usage instructions.  If a FA has a question, there is a label on the back of the seat that explains that fact and the appropriate Aviation Advisory Circular that allows the seat to be used.  Tell them you plan to follow those rules.  

* Due to the Federal Aviation Regulations regarding U.S. commercial flights only, you can buckle your child into LapKidz on the ground, but, no lap seat or device can be buckled to the aircraft seat belt while on the GROUND.  LapKidz IS PERMITTED AT ALL TIMES WHILE IN THE AIR.      

* For overseas flights, charter, corporate, and general aviation flights you may use the seat at ALL times on the ground and in the air.

               Height and Weight for air operations 

The FAA doesn't set a height or weight limit for lap children under the age of two.  We designed the seat to be used by kids from newborns all the way to toddlers.  The seat belt, seat bottom, and shoulder strap are all adjustable.  The seat also provides extra comfort as it provides weight and balance support and reduces the body-heat transfer between parent/child.  

                             LapKidz Many  Uses

1) On a U.S. commercial airline flight you can attach it to the adult's seat belt anytime the wheels are off the ground.  While the flight is on the ground the seat can be on your lap.

2) Other types of flights.  It can be used on takeoff, landing, and in the air on Corporate, Charter, General Aviation, and Foreign air carriers. 

3) At a restaurant.  If you're out for dinner, you can use it in a high chair.  You can attach it to the high chair and also buckle your child into the seat to help stabilize the baby.  

4) On your lap at dinner.  If you're at dinner and the baby wants to sit on your lap, which can make you very hot and test your balancing skills.  So, if you're wearing a belt, connect the seat to your waist belt and buckle the baby into the seat.  If you're not wearing a belt, keep your arm around the child at all times and the LapKidz seat will help stop the wiggling.  

5) Grocery shopping.  If you're grocery shopping, connect the seat to the grocery cart using the outer clips and buckle your child into the seat for comfort and stabilization.


7) Slow moving bus or tram.  If you're in a slow moving airport bus or tram and you don't have a seat belt, you can connect it to your waist belt.  This will allow your child to be more stabilized.  But, you must hold on to something the entire time you're in the slow moving vehicle.  

8) As a Changing Pad.  If you need to change a diaper, you can open the arms of the seat lay it down.  You can even use the seat belt to stabilize the baby.  Don't use the crotch strap.  Wipe the seat clean if necessary.   

9) For feedings.  Whether at home or traveling you can bottle feed comfortably.

10) Watching TV.  One of our favorite extra uses.  Lower your body temperature with the baby on your lap as you watch his/her favorite baby shows.