​​​​​                            More Testimonials

The LapKidz seat has been calming for many kids, but, as you can imagine, there have been a couple children were fidgety and needed breaks.  At the bottom of this column is our  ONE bad testimonial.  Where there has been a rating system, every0ne who reviewed gave it four or five stars.  (Except one)  


We got back late Sunday!! We loved the seat!  He was in it during some turbulence and he didn't even notice! Due to the easy placement of the straps I was able to turn him sideways to look out the window! I liked how easy it was to put together. The picture instructions were a great touch.

We also used it as his "high chair" in our resort which worked great! I also used it in the grocery cart while shopping. He actually sat still for the first time in the store!

Overall I will most definitely recommend this product as an alternative to the car seat!  
Thank you!

Amanda L.


I am a former National Transportation Safety Board political-appointed board member.  I have been trying to get children restrained in aircraft for 30 years.  I'm excited to endorse the LapKidz seat, which can restrain children during turbulence and has been sled tested in the same manor that the FAA tests CRS's.  After my experience in many investigations, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for your child to be restrained.  

John Goglia


The LapKidz seat worked great, we've taken it on two coast-to-coast flights so far.  Our daughter was 6mo and 14mo when we used it.  I liked how easy it was to use and attach, and the small folded size.  Maybe a small ring could be added so it could be attached to a backpack with a carabiner (instead of using the Velcro?)  But no complaints, we love it!  We'll be using it again very soon!

Jennifer R.


I took the plane to Frankfurt the other day and the LapKidz seat was great!  I loved having it with me.  It made things so much easier.  Not just with holding him on my lap but also to have him sit next to me in a free seat.  I pulled on the seat's seatbelt until it was tight and connected the Lapkidz seat to it, so that it could be secure on the big seat. Otto seemed quite comfortable and he was content throughout the flight. For take-off and landing I held him strapped in the seat on my lap and it really feels much safer holding him this way. Apart from being safer, it is also a great little support for the baby's body. Otto even dozed off in it. 

The only thing that maybe could be improved is the strap that comes up in between the baby's legs.  It would be great if that one could be adjusted also. 

Thank you for offering such a nice product. I was surprised by the lack of options regarding flight safety for kids. Especially, since there are babies/small children on planes fairly often. We were not the only family with a baby on the plane. Even the flight attendants seemed surprised to see the Lapkidz seat but they did not mind or ask questions.

Lisa J. 


Used it with my (at the time) 5 mo. old on a 10 hr flight. Then, used it with her again a couple of weeks ago almost 7 mos. on a 2 hr flight. I found for her size, and since she wasn't able to support herself sitting yet, she would slip down a bit in the seat and her neck would rub on the crossbody strap. That was my only issue with the product. Still would recommend and am happy I made the purchase.

Angie B.


Great quality, sturdy and firm cushioning, arrived early, multiple uses including the airplane. I use it for extra support in the high chair, shopping carts, and for posing for pictures. Perfect for my six-month-old.

Julianne A. 


This worked great on my trip! I was traveling alone with an 18 month old and 6 year old, so it helped tremendously! I'm actually looking forward to my trip home!

Thanks!, Janet N.


I ordered the seat from you and you had it overnighted to me!!  I want you to know we were very happy with the seat.   Our son was very comfortable in it.

Shelby M.


Bought this item for our daughter to fly with her 16 month old to Hawaii. She loved it! 

Susan J.


Best thing I've seen.

Jan B.  - Retired flight attendant


We will definitely be purchasing more LapKidz in the future as more blessed beings join my family. A very sincere thanks to all for the ingenious, life saving product.  Be Well.

Gratefully, Tina W.


I'm a flight attendant, my neighbor came over and talked to me about options for her lap child.  After my experiences with car seats that don't fit and babies falling off laps I sent her to the site of LapKidz and explained my 100% endorsing of this product.  With the airlnes making passengers pay for not just the ticket, checked luggage, food, and headphones people are doing anything they can to save money.  Now is the perfect time for Lapkidz.  Not just saving that family money, but keeping them safe.  I hope to get the word out even more about this amazing product.    

Sona S.

The fact that as a company, for Lapkidz to personally respond speaks volumes! I would recommend your product on that alone! Thank you for thinking of the user!

Talia S.


I helped someone on a flight who had one of these. Wow. It was great and so safe. I'm a Grandma now but I had four kids and wish I'd had one of these when I was travelling with little ones. We had a bit of turbulence but I never felt concern about the little guy. He was always secure and he never felt like he was being held. He just played with his toys. I wish I'd had a picture taken to show everyone but I just had to say what a great little seat this is.

​Jayne C.


I recently used it twice with my 14 months old baby boy in 8 hours flight. It does what it's supposed to do. There is no way of course to keep such a little baby in this seat for so long but it was great for taking off, landing and whenever they tell you to buckle up because of turbulence. It's more comfortable to keep the baby in this seat when on your lap cause it doesn't heat up so both you and the baby are more comfortable. If you have free seat by you you can buckle it up straight to the seatbelt for a minute or two so you can have free hands if you need to reach for something but you need to be careful because the seat is too wobbly to it can fall to the side.
I also used this seat few times in the restaurant when my boy was very little and was sliding off of high chair. I would put this seat in the high chair for double security.
Cons: Velcro strap that goes across the shoulder is made out of very rough material and doesn't kelp moving baby in place too well. 5 point harness would be much better.
Overall I was happy I had it during the long flight.


My friend, Tori was raving about this product and how great it's been when she's been flying. One of my best friends lives in Australia and adopted a little boy two months ago.   I just bought one for her as a present. 

Tammy B.


This item is not safe for babies. My 11 month old son couldn't sit in it, and was able to open easily all the restrains. Poor quality, made of cheap fabric. Max price should be 15 dollar. AVOID. Paid for shipping to me, and then had to pay for shipping to return after long discussion with seller.
Your baby is way better on your lap, than in this seat.

Anna J.

* Her biggest problem was after using the product and and couldn't get free shipping both ways to return it, she threw a fit.  


Some are unsolicited, some from other sites on the internet, and others we asked for both likes and dislikes that might help other parents in the future. Most of these relate to usage on aircraft even though the seat has multiple uses.


I just wanted to follow up with an update.  We received the LapKidz seat with plenty of time to spare before our flight and it honestly couldn't have worked out any better.  Our daughter loved being in it and we actually carried her in it in the airport as well.  We got so many positive comments and inquiries from other people in the airport and on the plane, and the flight attendants seemed to recognize it as no one questioned us.  

Our daughter slept in it for most of the way and was happy throughout the flight, unlike some of the other screaming babies that were on the flight as well!  It was very comfortable for her.  We are so happy with our purchase and look forward to using it on future flights and with future kids!  We felt safe and secure knowing she was strapped to our seatbelts during the flight.  Thank you for making such a great product...we hope to see many more of them in use on future flights!  

Scott and Carrie R.


I would highly recommend the product it was great from a safety perspective and also for making us all more comfortable (particularly me as he slept on his lap kidz on me for 8 hours each way.  We had no problems on the international legs from Australia to US and back nor during domestic Australia economy flights.  

We have also used it when we had a spare seat next to us during a flight and he really enjoyed sitting in his own, but he knew he had to stay put because he was used to the seat.  

I haven't used it yet outside of airline travel but that's only because I haven't remembered to take it places. We are off on another trip in a couple of weeks!

Fiona B.


From:  onemileatatime.boardingarea.com

I just flew with my 6 month old on a long-haul flight to Europe for a family wedding. He is a lap child, and during the flight I use an FAA approved device call LapKidz (http://www.lapkidz.com/). He is buckled into this seat, and the seat is buckled onto my seatbelt. We had severe turbulence during the flight, but he was as secure as I was in my seatbelt. On the inbound flight we did use a bassinet a few times during the flight. During turbulence I took him out and put him in my lap using the LapKidz. I would have preferred to have him in the carseat in his own seat, but yes buying another seat was too expensive for our family (and no, we could not opt out of this particular travel event or leave him at home). For those who say don’t travel unless you can afford to buy the baby a seat: this is challenging for us as our families all live in different countries and we cannot drive to see them. So our choice is fly with him as a lap child or not see our families at all.



The Lapkidz seat worked out great and made a Baltimore to San Diego trip much easier than just sitting on a lap. Kept my son nice snug and not moving around which was very nice.

The only thing is the length of the shoulder strap was long but it was still a very user friendly safety device.

In fact a family member was going to purchase one as gift. So a really nice product.

Mike P.


I purchased one of your Lapkidz airplane seats a few weeks ago before I left for New York. I received the product and used it on all four of my flights. I very much enjoyed the seat, and the peace of mind it provided me while in the air. I used it both on my lap and on the seat next to me. It was very useful.

I got several compliments, and recommended it to several Mom's on my way. I appreciate your extra effort in getting the seat to me in time for my flight. It was truly worth it. I have attached a picture of my son (16 months) in the seat on my lap on a flight from Hartford, CT to Dallas, TX. 

McKenzie H.


I love this seat! Purchased it last year for my daughter of 5 months ,shes now 18 months. She sat in it and played on the iPad, had lunch, and it kept us close together but still gave enough space for her to nap. kept her comfortable on the flight in my lap for 4 hour ride. I also strapped it into a seat on the plane briefly and that worked great as well. Def need to get 2 more with twins on the way!

Jennie P.


I've used the Lapkidz seat on three different trips.  I have a squirmer.   He loved sitting in it.  We had one trip where we had a four-hour drive before the flight that he was so squirmy that he needed breaks, but other than that it went great.  A flight attendant asked me about the seat.  I told him about it and he said, "Cool." 

Julie H.


We used it on my last trip with my son on Southwest.  A great invention. It also works well in restaurant high chairs and shopping carts. My little guy is not great at sitting upon his own yet. The Lap Kidz seat helps!

Lyndsey M.


I recently used the Lapkidz Seat with my second child. My son was seven weeks old for his first flight. I was traveling alone with both of my kids. He was able to sleep, buckled in and being supported by the Lapseat I had both hands free to play Go-Fish with my daughter who is 3 ½ years old. It made the flight so easy. I would've been so hot and exhausted.

Thank you again, Julie J.


We really loved the Lap Kidz seat.  It was easy to use and it made me feel so much better that my son was secure while sitting on my lap.  We have another flight coming up and we will be using it again!

Jessica D.


We have a private aircraft.  He wears it the entire time we're flying.  When he gets home, he sits in it on the floor and buckles up. 

Stephane B.


Thank you times a MILLION! So glad to have our little guy secure on our flight Saturday. Is there anywhere that I may leave a review of your excellent customer service?

Joy L.


Used this on a 15-hour flight with a 6-month old baby. I didn't want her to be completely unrestrained on such a long flight but we couldn't take our carseat with us so she had to be a lap baby.

Pros: Easy to carry, fold, set up, and maneuver mid-flight. It saved us from having to hold on tight to the baby every moment of a 15 hour flight, which is impossible. I felt comfortable falling asleep with the baby in this. You can face the baby in, out, or to either side. No one gave us a hard time about using it on an international flight. Also great for cushioning in high chairs and shopping carts.

Cons: The shoulder strap wasn't very helpful or comfortable, eventually the baby would slide down so the seat was more like a turtle shell on her.

Please note: Don't expect this to be completely hands-free since the baby can arch back pretty easily in the soft seat. But it does make it easier to have the baby on your lap.

Another note:  We even used the seat in the bassinet they provided us on the plane. It didn't attach to the bassinet, but she could sit up and play in the bassinet while we ate for a few minutes.



Safety investigators are raising warnings about in-flight turbulence, which is the leading cause of injury to children on airplanes and can sometimes catapult lap children into another row.

Turbulence is a persistent problem. Each year, flight attendants and passengers not belted into seats are injured by unexpected clear-air turbulence. In some cases, babies have been thrown several rows from mothers or fathers who stand no chance of holding on to infants against severe gravitational forces.

"We've got to get kids restrained on airplanes," said former NTSB investigator Greg Feith, who now works as a safety consultant. "Everyone is so emphatic that your laptop be restrained and your tray table stowed. But not a child?"

After serving as lead investigator on several crashes with lap-child deaths and injuries, Mr. Feith and a business partner invented an infant restraint called LapKidz, which rests on a parent's lap and clips onto the seat belt. The child sits in the high-density foam chair inside restraint straps. If the flight encounters turbulence, the child stays in the parent's lap.

- Wall Street Journal Excerpt