​​                       Turbulence News Headlines.

"Turbulence can't hurt the plane but it can hurt anyone who isn't buckled."

The Independent - June 6th 2016
"Turbulence leaves 37 passengers injured.  All the passengers floated in the air for about 10 seconds."

 CBS News - May 17, 2016
"Injuries as turbulence rocks Boston to Chicago Southwest Airlines Flight"

Washington Post - May 10, 2016
"Turbulence on JetBlue flight from Puerto Rico to Orlando send 8 to the hospital.

WPXI 11 News - May 6th
"Pittsburgh-bound Allegiant Air flight diverted due to severe turbulence; 7 injured"

Bangkok Post - May 6th, 2016
"17 Hong Kong Airlines passengers injured in Indonesia turbulence."

BBC News - May 5th, 2016
"More than 30 people injured when Ethihad Airways flight hit "severe and unexpected turbulence."

New York Post/World News - April 15, 2016
"Flight from hell leaves six passengers bloodied."

ABC News/WFAA - March 30th, 2016
"Flight attendants injured on turbulent flight from DFW"

The Chronical Herald - January 26th, 2016
"Injuries from airplane turbulence rise." 

ABC News - January 24th, 2016
"7 Injured When Flight From Miami to Italy Hits Turbulence."

NBC 6 News - January 15th, 2016
"American Airlines Flight Inbound to MIA Hits Severe Turbulence, Passengers, Flight Attendant Injured:"

CNN - December 31st, 2015
"Turbulence causes 21 injuries on Air Canada Flight.  Three children hospitalized."

WLS- TV - November 18th, 2015
"American Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing at O'Hare after turbulence."

CNN - October 2nd, 2015
"Five American Airline passengers hospitalized after flight hits turbulence."

Inquirer. net - September 18th, 2015
"MORE than 20 passengers were injured when a Philippine Airlines flight experienced turbulence during a Honolulu-to-Manila flight."

The Daily Mail - September 6th, 2015
"Qatar Airways plane rocked by severe turbulence and injures 40"

Egyptian Streets - September 1st, 2015
"12 injured after severe turbulence rocks Egypt Air Flight."

ABC 7 News  - July 11th, 2015
"Two inbound United Airlines flights at Dulles Airport request medical assistance for flight attendants and a passenger after encountering turbulence.

The Mirror - July 9th, 2015
"Four injured as extreme turbulence hits flight to Cyprus."

​WCVB5 Boston -  April 22nd, 2015 

"Two hospitalized after extreme turbulence forces flight to divert."

NBC News - February 15th, 2015
"Severe turbulence injures 7 on flight from Newark to Honolulu."

Google News - February 12th, 2015
"Turbulence injures passenger on Westjet B737."

Associate Press - December 25th, 2014
"Expressjet CRJ2 turbulence injures flight attendant near Hattiesburg."

The Times - December 24th, 2014
"SIA flight hit by turbulence, 14 hurt."The Daily Mail - December 17th, 2014
"Turbulence hospitalizes five passengers on American Airlines flight."
The Pak Banker Daily - October 20th, 2014
"22 passengers, crew injured during descent as SIA flight hits turbulence."

Evening Standard - September 11th, 2014
"Ten people injured when passenger plane hit by 'extreme turbulence'"

Kent Messenger September 5, 2014
"Honeymooners' air turbulence terror; Baby thrown"

USA Today - August 5th, 2014
"Four people were injured due to turbulence before a plane made an emergency landing at 
St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport Monday."

Irish Examiner - August 1st, 2014 
"Severe turbulence occurred without warning, crew member struck the ceiling. 

The Mercury July 17, 2014  
"Terror on Flight SA286: Passenger Thrown into the Air, 20 injured."

Crawley Observer May 14, 2014 
"Plane propelled 800ft upwards during severe turbulence: One Injured."

The Philadelphia Daily News May 6, 2014  
"Philly airliner passengers survive bone-rattling turbulence: Six Injured."

The Vancouver Province (British Columbia) May 9, 2014 
"These are turbulent times in our skies; Steady increase of incidents over 20 years"

US News May 5, 2014
"Washington: Six injured when 'severe' turbulence rocks Orlando-bound flight"

CBS Boston. April 29th, 2014
Increase in Severe Air Turbulence could lead to Pricier Flights."

The West Australian (Perth) March 18, 2014
"Bumpy rides on the rise. Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a very bumpy flight"

The Toronto Star March 17, 2014
Sunwing flight makes emergency landing in U.S. after turbulence

Denver Post February 22, 2014 
"NTSB will probe United turbulence"
"One passenger said a baby flew out of its mother's arms, landing in a nearby seat."

The New York Post January 17, 2014
"5 hurt as rocky flight turns back to Newark"Type your paragraph here.