The LapKidz Solution:

1.  LapKidz is a multi-use, hands free, multi-position child safety seat that weighs only 15 ounces.
2.  It attaches tightly with TWO buckles to the adult's seat belt.  Faces forward, sideways, or rearward.
3.  LapKidz will balance, restrain, and reduce squirming, so you can comfort and take care of them..  
4.  All U.S. airlines allow the LapKidz seat to be used. 
5.  On a U.S. commercial flight, the FAA PERMITS use for air operations. 
6.  Usable for ground and air operations on Corporate, Charter, General Aviation and Foreign flights.

7.  Meets FMVSS standard for head injury and chest G's.
8.  You never have to unbuckle your seat belt to attach Lapkidz for all of its functions.
9.  Bottle/breast feed on climb out/descent to help with ear pain.  Keeps the baby and you cool.
10.  Supports the child's weight without using hard materials and can be laid back for sleeping.
11.  Also a great option for flyers with a separate seat for their child when they want to sit on your lap.
12.  Details on rules and uses click on "How LapKidz Works." 
13.  To Buy click on BUY LAPKIDZ in the menu above.
                                 Made in the U.S.A.

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